We Deliver

We deliver in style with high Standard
and Quality.
Showcase your brand with CONFIDENCE

We innovate

We help clients inspire and explore
new ideas.

We Create

We help brands stand out in a
competitive way.

We Build Brands with CREATIVITY

Exhibition Booth

RowadExpo Advertising specializes in creating and executing booth for events.

Shell Scheme

Renting a Shell Scheme Booth Depending on your exhibiting needs…

Event Management

We extend support through additional human resources…

European Tents

Whimsical fun. Absolute elegance. Sentimental memories. Hopes for the future…

Creative Design

Our expert team brings digital ideas to life with beautifully executed, creative design.

Website Design

RowadExpo offers its partners of public and private enterprises all services related to designing…

Our Design & Development Process

We study your idea, concept and process out the design in a streamline way.

The Brief

We understand the project scope and requirement working closely with you and list down details.

The Design

We curate the idea that you have conceptualized and outlines the skeleton for the design.

The Fabrication

The final design takes its shape at this stage and the idea comes to life representing the concept.

The Handover

We handover the project with 100% satisfaction guarantee from our clients.

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